4 Aspects of Your Wedding You Shouldn’t Skimp On

In a time when money is tight for a lot of people, couples are increasingly looking for ways to save money on their wedding. DIY weddings are becoming ever more popular, allowing engaged couples to have control over their big day without breaking the bank. As an event that costs people thousands for one single day, there are plenty of ways you can save money on your wedding day. But there are some areas where “do it yourself” is best avoided. Several key aspects of your wedding are going to cost you if you want a quality outcome. The venue, catering, and photographer, for example, won’t amount to much if you try to go for the lower end of the scale. If you’re on a budget, focus on these areas of your wedding and save the DIY for the things you can do just as well yourself or without paying huge prices.

The Venue

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Your wedding venue is one of the most important things about your big day. It’s one of the things that will make it memorable, and it’s difficult to save money on. There are ways you can lessen the cost of the venue, such as having fewer guests and having your wedding in the off season. However, the venue is an area you don’t want to skimp on just to save a few bucks. You don’t have to go all out either, but you’ll regret compromising on a venue that you don’t want.


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Although your wedding day is all about celebrating your union, your job is also to keep your guests happy. You’re inviting them to be part of your joyous occasion, and you want them to have as good a time as you’re having. Part of creating those special memories is giving your guests a party they won’t be able to forget. But you want them to remember how amazing it was, not how everything wasn’t up to par. It’s worth splashing out on the catering to make sure everyone’s well fed and the food and drink is fit for a special day.

Photography and Videography

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It’s no secret that wedding photographers can charge a lot of money. In fact, many photographers charge more for weddings because they put in more effort for your wedding day than for other events. If you want to record your day with high-quality photos and video, you shouldn’t plump for an amateur photographer. The best photographer won’t always be the most expensive as you can see by the type of wedding photographer Kent couples use. What’s important is what you get for your money, and you’re not likely to get a lot if you’re not paying much of anything.

Guest Logistics


It’s not likely that everyone coming to your wedding will be right on the venue’s doorstep. You need to make sure that all your guests are going to be there. You might leave some of the logistics to the guests themselves. But if you’re organizing their transport or accommodation, make sure you look after them properly.