4 Embarrassing Things Your Body Does And How To Prevent It Happening

Our bodies are very clever. They automatically recognise when there is a problem and will react to it. If you have an infection, antibodies will build up to fight it. When your skin is cold, goosebumps will appear to raise the little hairs and keep you warm. Our bodies are amazing, and if you treat them well they will last a lifetime. But sometimes, the things our body does naturally can be incredibly embarrassing. It may depend on your culture how embarrassed you feel when these things happen in public. We give you the top 4 embarrassing things your body does and a few tips to prevent it happening:

Breaking Wind – When it happens in public you can very quickly feel absolutely mortified! The noise and the odor are both very unpleasant for everyone around you too. Trapped wind and flatulence can be painful, and the only way to get rid of it is to get it out. Try somewhere private to save face. For those who suffer gas frequently, you probably know which foods cause the problem. It’s best to avoid these all the time. There are plenty of gas relief home remedy ideas to try that come from common herbs and spices you might have in your cupboards. If the wind is trapped and painful, gently bringing your legs to your chest as you lay on your back may offer some relief.


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Irritable BowelIBS can leave you doubled up in pain on the floor of your office if you have an attack. It is embarrassing in many ways, but for some being physically incapacitated and having to explain yourself is the worst part. It can happen more at work than anywhere else because attacks are often triggered by stress. Some IBS sufferers have even changed their career to help reduce the stress in their lives. There are several ways to relieve the attack, but it is better to prevent them happening in the first place. A good diet goes a long way with this disorder. Regular routines also help your body to work as it should.

Sneezing – Airborne germs and viruses often enter our bodies through our noses. They may irritate the little hairs inside your nostril and cause you to sneeze. Sometimes the sneeze is accompanied by saliva and mucus to make it very messy. If a sneeze catches you out, you might be embarrassed if you cover someone in wet stuff! The sneezing process is essential to protect our bodies against these irritants that tickle our noses. Pinching the top of your nose can stop the sneeze coming out until you find those tissues.


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Skin Blemishes – A zit or spot is your body’s way of pushing out toxins from your skin. It looks terrible and can miraculously appear in just a few hours. Use a dab of hand cleanser to keep it hygienic if it erupts while you are out and about. Keep well hydrated to help your body flush out nasties, and maintain a strict skin care routine if this regularly happens.