Don’t Like What You’re Seeing In The Mirror? Here’s What To Do About It

If you’ve been looking in the mirror lately and you’re not entirely happy with what you’re seeing then now could be the time to treat yourself to a mini makeover. As we get that little bit older, the reflection seems to become more and more disappointing. You don’t need to resign yourself to looking worse and worse. Instead, embrace the process, and work with it. Here’s how:

Flabby and saggy – If you think you’re looking more flabby and less trim than you did ten years ago then you’re probably right. There’s no need to be though. Life changes our daily routines, and convenience wins over careful consideration. Things like diet and exercise tend to get pushed aside as work and family become more important. Take control of your life again. Commit to more activity and plan your meals. Look to tone up first, and worry about weight when you are in a better routine.


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Dried out – Skin can very quickly and easily lose condition. This doesn’t just happen as you get older. Without careful attention to moisturizing and toning, skin can dry out and look wrinkly even in your late teens. Start with an extra glass of water a day, and careful attention to your beauty routine. Time it. It really can be done in under five minutes, so make this time your priority.

Wrinkles and bags – Most bags under the eyes are caused by lack of quality sleep and exercise to circulate the fluids in our skin. Poor diet can cause them to become dark circles too. Sadly, age is the biggest cause of baggy eyes and eyelids. Treat yourself to some eyelid surgery if they are becoming a problem. Wrinkles can also be quickly treated with cosmetic treatments.

Long in the tooth – Age does recede the gums, creating that long tooth effect. Regular flossing and careful interdental brushing helps keep the gums a healthy pink color. Veneers are a good way to freshen the look of teeth. Enamel can have fine cracks from hot or cold drinks as we get older. They can also shift and become wonky in softer, unhealthy gums. Start looking after your oral health early to delay the signs of aging.

Thinning hairHormones are partly to play in us losing our hair. It starts in our mid-twenties. Sadly, by the time we’re fifty we have very little of our locks left. Not only does it not all grow back when it naturally falls out but it grows very thin and wispy. Reduce the amount of intense styling to prolong those youthful locks. Eat a good diet, and consider hormone replacement when the time comes.

We can all grow older without looking old. The trick is to work with the natural process and enhance what you have. Take the time to look after yourself now, and you can delay the signs of aging for many years. You may be busy, career driven and family lead. Don’t sacrifice too much of you for too long. Enjoy looking at the girl in the mirror.