How To Love Your Look

Most of us have things about our appearance that we would like to change. However, when these become the only thing you can focus on when you look in the mirror, it’s time to set yourself a mission to love your look. Being happy with yourself, both inside and out, is key to enjoying life. If you are consistently taking a negative attitude towards your appearance, here are some steps you can take to turn things around.

1. Focus on your assets

You are certainly not the only person who hates their nose or can’t stand their skin. In fact, you will be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t have elements of their appearance that they consider to be their “worst features”. However, obsessing over them can be very destructive and make you miserable. Next time you look in the mirror, we dare you to look at your assets. Focus on the things about your appearance that you like and make an effort to enhance them. You might also want to note these points on a post-it and stick this on your mirror. Whenever you feel you are looking at yourself with negative eyes, the note will remind you of the things that make you beautiful.

2. Take control

You can take control of certain aspects of your appearance. For example, if you think your teeth are stained, why not get them cleaned and whitened at a reputable clinic like Schope Dental? If you feel you have put on weight, improve your diet and take part in regular exercise and set yourself some realistic weight goals. However, it’s important that your motivation for doing these things is you and not anyone else. Do be honest with yourself about this. You will never love your look if you are constantly trying to live up to what you think others around you want.


3. Have a change

A lot the time the reason we become unhappy with our look is because we are a little bored of it. A change here and there can help to restore positive feelings towards your appearance. How about a few new additions to your wardrobe, a new hairstyle or new makeup look? Find some inspiration online and give a few different styles a try. You never know, you might find something that suits you perfectly and which makes you love your look again.

4. Pamper yourself

When we feel low about our appearance, a pampering session can really help to lift your mood and boost your confidence in yourself. Set aside an evening where you just concentrate on yourself. You could have a long soak in the bath and have a DIY manicure and pedicure. But if you want to feel truly pampered, book a few treatments at a spa and let someone else do all the hard work.

We all experience negative feelings towards our appearance from time to time. The important thing is to notice when it is becoming the norm and to deal with it so that you can get back to loving your look.