Must-Read Advice For People Considering A Gastric Band

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When several attempts to lose weight fail and concerns over high blood pressure and heart disease increase, many people consider lap band surgery. If you are looking into getting a lap band fitted, here is some advice that you should think carefully about.

  • Liaise with your doctor

It is crucial that you speak to your doctor before going ahead with weight-loss surgery. Your physician may not think a lap band is a suitable option for you and could suggest an alternative weight-loss method that you have not tried.

  • Do your research

Spend plenty of time reading about the procedure and take time to consider whether it is the right weight-loss method for you. Make sure you are using reliable sources of information. Attempt to speak to trustworthy people who have had been through lap band surgery. Find out why they decided to have the band fitted, what the procedure was like and what difference it has made to their lives.

  • Be realistic

Although many sources will advertise this surgery as an entirely effortless way to lose weight. In fact, pre-surgery and post-surgery you will have to do a lot of the hard work yourself. The time leading up to the surgery may be challenging. You may be instructed by your surgeon to go on a  liquid diet to prepare your body. You will be instructed to continue your liquid diet for two to four weeks after the procedure.

The weight does not instantly drop off you after surgery.  In fact, in can take two years or more to reach your goal weight. You will have to make permanent changes to your diet to make it healthier. As well as eating healthy, you will need to eat a small amount at a time and chew very slowly and thoroughly, even when you are hungry.

Post-surgery, you will also have to attend regular follow-up appointments in order to monitor your progress. If you smoke, you will have to give this up as smoking increases your risk of infections after surgery.

Realistically, if you don’t think you have the commitment and motivation to do these things, the procedure may not be right for you.

  • Costs

The exact price will depend on your location, but the average cost in America for a lap band is $14,000. Prices can vary widely from state to state, so it is worth shopping around. However, it is advisable to pick a surgeon that is based close to your home so that you do not have to travel too far after the surgery and for follow-up appointments.

  • Find a reputable surgeon

If you have decided on lap band surgery, finding a good surgeon is one of the most important things you must do. Find a reputable business, like Lap Band Houston, by asking your doctor or through a personal recommendation. The surgeon should have plenty of experience with the procedure. He or she should care about your welfare and not just want your money. They should provide you with plenty of advice and information on the associated risks and benefits. Also, they should perform a detailed assessment of your health in order to establish whether you can undergo the procedure.