Top 5 Beauty Enemies And How To Defeat Them

If we are honest with ourselves, we cannot cut our morning routine down to under 30 minutes and fit our full beauty regime in. After we have showered, washed and conditioned our hair, dried, moisturised and brushed our hair out, we are still naked with wet hair, no make-up on and it’s been 20 minutes at least!

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Even in a rush, we know we can’t by-pass most of our routine. But there are certain complications in life that may force us to extend it. Here are girl’s worst enemies when it comes to beauty in a hurry:

  1. Acne or pimples: You never notice them until you’re almost done because it’s usually still dark, and we are definitely still blurry-eyed first thing in the morning. The whole area needs to be cleansed again, and an alcohol-based spot and germ fighting lotion needs to be applied. Once this has gone off, covering up the spot is the next challenge and may require some creativity. Try using a green tinted cover-up cream if the area is red and inflamed. If you are able, take some ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory if you are sore.
  2. Cold sores: Every winter without fail, that same tingle comes on. There are some natural remedies out there to help it feel less uncomfortable and speed up the disappearance of that unsightly blister. Ultimately, if you catch it early enough, there are products at the pharmacy you can try too. If you are getting them over and over, try reading as it details why the virus keeps coming back.
  3. Rosacea: In the winter, we are prone to all kinds of dermatological mishaps. Rosacea or red cheeks can create a bit of work to cover up. This skin area is likely to be a bit raw. The redness may have been brought on by the cold or wind-burn so choose very light moisturisers and try to protect the skin from further exposure for a few days. If you are going to use a foundation to hide it, try a special dermal moisturiser for this type of problem as a base layer or barrier. It should sooth and provide extra protection.
  4. Chapped lips: The soreness that chapped lips bring is nothing compared to how ghastly they can look. If you leave them, or continually wet them with saliva, they will dry out even more and crack. As the weather starts to cool off, or even heat up, start wearing a chapstick under your lippy. Better still, try to invest in a good tinted chap stick. They are incredibly expensive, and some may be unsuitable for sensitive skin, but they can be very effective.
  5. Facial hair: As you stare into the mirror, you suddenly notice one then two, then maybe even more dark hairs on your chin or between your eyebrows. This is a disaster when you are about to run out the door! However, good foundations do lessen their appearance, so take heart that it is unlikely anyone will notice. The best solution is to tweeze them out, but always keep the tips sterile, and add a little dab of cleansing gel to the area before applying makeup. This cleans and tightens the pore before you pile foundation into it. Be warned, sensitive skin WILL redden and show you up for what you have just done.