How to Turn a Large House into Your Dream Home

When you’re looking for a house to buy, people often say you should live within your means. And of course, you shouldn’t spend more money than you can afford. But what if you can afford to buy a house that you feel like you don’t need? Big houses are usually seen as being for families, or maybe the super rich. But if you have the cash and there’s a house you like, should you go for it? Or is it ridiculous to buy a house that has more rooms than you need? Here are some reasons you should give in to temptation and buy that too-big house, which will turn out to be just the right size.

Guest Rooms

There’s always somewhere for guests to stay when you have extra bedrooms. If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll love being the best party host. Everyone will love coming for dinner and drinks at your place because they won’t have to go home afterwards. You’ll always be there with the offer of a bed when someone’s had a little too much to drink. Imagine your guests can’t get home because of a storm. ¬†Luckily you did the right thing and bought that 4 bedroom house for sale in Battersea. No one has to try and get home on dangerous roads – you’ve saved lives with your large house! And maybe you don’t have kids of your own (small ones anyway), but with spare bedrooms you can have grandkids, godchildren and friends to stay.

3323420154_52d733e8d6_zTony Hisgett

Make Use of Every Room

You don’t have to use bedrooms as bedrooms. If you have spare rooms, you can do anything with them. Perhaps you have a hobby, and you could set up a sewing room or a workshop. You can have an office, a library, a media center or a room just for your pet. Do anything you like with all your spare space. If you’ve dreamed of being able to do all the things you love without leaving the house than owning a big house is your chance. Set up a gym to make sure you don’t get fat though.

Run a Business

If your cavernous house starts to feel empty and you’re getting lonely, make some money from it. Rent out the spare rooms to turn your house into a guesthouse. It’s easy to do with sites like AirBnB, where you can list your rooms for short-term rent. You can be as hands-on as you like. Maybe you’ll make everyone breakfast and dinner, or you might leave your guests to themselves. It’s a great business idea to make some extra cash. For some more permanent company, take in a long-term lodger.

Invite Family and Friends to Live with You

If you really want the house but don’t feel you can justify living in it on your own, invite family members or friends to live with you. They can help to fill the house, and you can help them by being a good landlord.